North Broward Preparatory School

What to know:

Please make sure that you arrive dressed at least 10 minutes early so you are ready to start at the scheduled time.

These photos will be taken on campus at the middle school gym on November 11.

The tuxedo and drape portraits are required to be completed prior to the yearbook deadline.

Your session is offered at a discounted price of $45 during your school’s scheduled date. Session fee is due upon confirmation.  

It is very important that you adhere to the school requirements regarding dress code for this photo.



  • Please wear a white t-shirt and bring a white button-down dress shirt to wear underneath the cap and gown
  • Hair must be well groomed, short in length, not to extend below the collar or cover the eyes
  • No exotic hair colors, styles or completely shaved heads
  • Sideburns must be shorter than the bottom of the ear
  • Clean shaven and no earrings



  • Wear or bring a tank-top or strapless shirt/dress
  • Hair and make-up should be completed prior to arrival at the studio
  • Two (2) earring limit; Piercings, other than ears, (nose, lip, etc) are not acceptable
  • We also recommend that nails are done

See you soon!